Monday, August 10, 2009

Quilts and the Weekend

This Lovely Quilt was made by Lyn H of Colorado. She is in my quilt guild. It was quilted by Julie in Colorado . It is really a neat quilt - I like how all the strips turn and twist!
The next two quilts came from Stephanie over in Windsor. This is only the first two that she gave to us for the soldier.

The Log Cabin one sort of surprised me, I could really see a color pattern emerge when I took the picture, but the sumlight had muted it. The darked it got in the house the more pronounced the colors became. I was intrigued!

And just to prove that my kids still let me hang out with them... I took the picture! We went up into the mountains and went camping. Tent Camping... on a hard ground, and it got cold ( are you feeling sorry for me yet?)
Actually it was a lot of fun and just a beautiful place! I took over 100 pictures - I was shocked. Truly beautiful country. The kids all caught fish and they tasted good in the crisp mountain air... plus we were starving!!

I guess it is back to real life now... Laundry and cooking and that stuff.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

More and more beautiful quilts! My son and I enjoy tent camping too even though we don't have cots and often don't bother with the air mattress. However, we have thin pads (moisture barriers) that we always put down (they are still hard to sleep on) and then we put a foam mattress pad on top of that (softer and keeps us off the cold ground). Quick and easy to roll up too. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...
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