Monday, October 12, 2009

Back in the Groove

I hope! I am not sure where the last week went - I know that I did a lot of quilting, and sewing, and binding, and sewing with kids, and horse stuff, and swim stuff, and driving stuff, and homecoming games, and band practices, and homecoming dances... and now there is the laundry. Does laundry prove that we did something with our week?


And others have been busy as well - look at these 4 wonderful Quilts of Valor from Pat at I even took a picture of one of the backs... I LOVE backs like that!!
Aren't these just beautiful?
Thank Pat for all your hard work!
~Oh - and we had SNOW!!! Who ordered the snow so early in the season?
During the football game Friday nite - it was 20deg and 20 mph winds - then by halftime it was 15deg with the winds. So needless to say I watched the halftime show from the warmth of my pickup. I was lucky to find a spot where I could see it all and stay warm. My son was frozen. The other 2 boys stayed with me, as we had just come from swim practice. In the pool house - it was almost 85deg - a big change!!
Have a great day... my horse shoer is driving up the road... back to work!

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Denise V said...

did I read that right? did you say you did some BINDING???? :)