Sunday, November 08, 2009

Quilts from Dianne

We spent this weekend at a swim meet. All 3 boys did a lot of swimming, and eating to keep up with it. I was a timer for 2 of the sessions, and an official for the other session. I am still in training so I only had to do minor stuff. But you stand THE WHOLE TIME.... this is hard on your back!! The boys did very good though, and were happy!

The Quilts of Valor in this post came from Dianne in Geneseo IL. She is part of a guild there that is extremely prolific! Pat ( another member of their group) came out to visit her daughter and grandchildren, I got to meet up with her for a wonderful quilt delivery!!

Dianne - thank you for these quilts! They are just wonderful!

I always read Judy L's blog and read all about her home made bread - and we get jealous!! I have tried all sorts of bread recipes and had not such good luck, as I can not eat wheat. I have also decided that I don't care for Garfava flour. So I got a new cookbook about cooking in the crockpot and they said you could make gluten free bread in the crockpot. I tried it and Look.... it worked! It was a mix from the glutenfree pantry. But it was a great mix and it worked!! We ate the whole loaf in approximately 3 minutes!
It was moist and yummy and not like the past bricks that I have made.


Diane said...

I have never heard of bread in a slow cooker, how cool is that!?!
I love looking at your blog and seeing all of the quilts.

Nancy said...

Lovely quilts. I especially like the first one.

Mary said...

I really love the positive and negative blocks on this one.

Judy puts us all to shame doesn't she?