Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Step 4 in the PatchworkTimes Quilt a long

I do realize that Judy has posted 8 steps so far... but I am tickled that I just!!  finished Step 4....

I have the other steps printed, and as soon as I can I will start on Step 5 ! Whoot Whoot

AND.... we have casts off!!!  Is that not awesome! My child can now open the doors again, he is excited!

The tools they use were a little intimidating... but the end results - worth it!
Alright - back to sewing... you might notice there were some string blocks there too - they are from This sew along  , even though it doesn't really start until the weekend, we all know that I am the turtle, so I needed a head start LOL!!

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Amy said...

*like* and *like*
I MIGHT consider playing catch-up on Judy's quilt-along; I simply cannot fit it in right now. Love your color selections!!!! FUN!

And a big whoop-whoop for the cast removal :)