Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Online QOV Quilt Show 5/15

Congrats to JANE!!!! over at Imperfect Quilter - She will be getting the Modern Quilts Magazine in the mail here is a few days!!! You will LOVE it!!

I hope you will love todays Quilts of Valor! I have such fun checking them all out, and taking pictures!

The first three quilts today are from Judy V in Thornton. She pieced and quilted them ! I am going to speak at her guild in November - Can't wait!!

Judy told me what this pattern was - I now I can not remember? Maybe String Stars?
I knew that someone would know - here is a similar pattern from Mary Quilts

 This one is the Scrappy Trips block! I love the colors!!
 This one is great too! I love the blue setting off the blocks!

This quilt is Pieced by Denise V in Denver and Quilted by Dawna. Dawna is a quilting pattern designer. She used the panto Tempest for this one. All of her beautiful designs can be found Here  She has quite a few!!
 Heres a closer look at Tempest...
 The next two quilts are the jelly roll quilts - they were made and quilted by Sharon E in Greeley. Sharon has a new quilting machine and I think she did a great job!!!

Oh look - It is Brownie mare - she is working hard, earning her keep around here!! ( and that's Wrangler Man - swoon)

This is another quilt pieced by Denise and quilted by Dawna - again she used one of her designs called Mexican Carpet
 Isn't is great? All bubbly and circley!

This one was pieced by Denise and quilted by Dawna - this time she used Hilton.
 Isn't this a beautiful quilt? The feathery design really compliments it!

Bonnie sent in some blocks - we are still putting together tops so these will be great!
 The last two quilts today come from Nancy  - I love that panel in the center - those eagles are just spectacular! They were quilted by Donna in Longmont!

Hope you enjoyed today's show. Thank you all for commenting on the last one!

I am curious. 
How do you all choose your quilt patterns? 
Do you purchase individual patterns?
 Do you prefer to purchase a whole book? 

Leave me a comment telling me how you find your quilt patterns and you will be entered
into a drawing for a 
$20 Gift Certificate to:

All comments must be made before midnight Tuesday the 21st to be included in the drawing.
If you are anonymous or a no reply blogger please leave me a way to contact you


Unknown said...

Beautiful quilts, thanks so much for posting. I especially liked "Wrangler Man" and understand your swoon. ;-)
I pick my quilt patterns just by what catches my eye. If I like what I see I know I'll like it even better once I make it mine with my own fabric choices.
Judie Yates

Liz Davis said...

I usually let the quilt tell me what it wants. I try to stay with something patriotic for the QOV's but sometimes I go a totally different route. Having a computerized machine, I belong to a couple of clubs and get new designs ever month. I have over 10,000 patterns so I usually don't buy individual patterns.

Liz Taylor Davis
Thornton, CO

Mary Johnson said...

They all look great!

My stars aren't sashed and there are lots of these patterns floating around but I do have instructions for a similar string star on my website for a quilt that I drafted from an antique I saw on eBay. I have plans for a scrappy blue star version eventually and this one looks great in RWB too.

Gena in Dallas said...

The quilts are beautiful. I have a friend who does QOV and it keeps tugging at my mind that I should join the movement. I prefer buying individual patterns because I find that I don't always like all the quilts in a book. Your photos are inspirational. Thank you!

Pat said...

I like to browse through the internet and find tutorials to make blocks/quilts. Google Images is my friend! :)

Terri said...

Hi Alycia,
Some of my patterns have come from free sources on blog sites, and the hexies depend on the size of the template. The arrangement of the "flowers" is from my head. There have been a few patterns from magazines, but they are timeless, so no copyright infringement there. (I made 7 snowballs - 6 for grands, and one for Project Linus.) 2 quilts have been inspired by the Backyard Birds book.
I keep a scrapbook of pictures of quilts I want to make. The pictures could be a doodle I drew or a pic from ads or magazines. My "favorites" is full of sites with great patterns. I guess, in one word, my patterns come from Everywhere.
Thanks for a chance.

Sharon said...

Wow! Am I the first? I get most of my patterns from the internet. I get a bunch off of Bonnie Hunters site. And I do use magazines. Just not as much.

maureen said...

I don't have any specific way of finding my patterns. Some come from magazines, some from books, some from the interest (Gotta love Pinetrest!) Whatever catches my eye is what I do.

Julie in GA said...

I get patterns from books, magazines, online, seeing other people's quilts at quilt shows--everywhere! I've been known to take a photo of a floor tile pattern that I thought would make a good quilt design.

Julie said...

I do both individual and books. I usually purchase a pattern after seeing a quilt on a blog that I like. Thanks

Judy V from Thornton, CO said...

The pattern is from Stars and Strings. I enjoyed making this as a QOV!

Karol said...

I love to look at quilt patterns. will by an individual one instead of a book usually, if I buy one at all. Lots of times I look at quilt pictures on line and will graph out something similar or play with blocks in EQ7

Cathy said...

Lovely, inspirational show.

I prefer to spend my money on fabric, not patterns. I usually see something I like in blog land and if I can't find pattern do my own thing to replicate.

With that said...I have bought a few books for more complex quilts that usually involve applique or paper piecing so I guess I prefer books over single patterns since I don't have any single patterns.

Jane said...

Always enjoy seeing these quilts. I get my quilt designs from all over, books, mags, internet. I think I need to spend more time quilting and less looking and thinking about it!

Missy Shay said...

I like vintage patterns. Sometimes I'll find something in a book, but it is usually something off the internet.

Rhonda said...

Alycia, what a difficult question. Usually I will purchase the book if it's an applique book. If it a quilt design like some log cabin variation, I'll buy the pattern. But most of the time the Internet has many free sites with excellent techniques, patterns and print friendly ideas. Whew, that was a mouth full.

Marilyn said...

Love your blog and all the neat quilts. I don't usually buy my patterns. Have a couple of blocks that I enjoy making and since they look good I usually stick with those to make a quilt.
Once in a while if I see a pattern that really stands out I will buy it; rarely though. It has to be something I will use more than once.

dquilterguy said...
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Barbara Winkler said...

I use individual patterns, patterns from books and lots of free patterns from the internet. Now patterns are so expensive, that it is cheaper to buy a book if there are several useable patterns. But I really LOVE the free ones!

dquilterguy said...

I get my pattern inspiration from many sources: those that I purchase, from magazines, from books, from internet or from those seen at quilt shows. Sometimes I design a pattern using elements seen from any of the above sources. And I always try to give credit when credit is do.

Unknown said...

Love today's show! So fun to see your "swoon" photo in there!

I get my ideas mostly from Pinterest, which links me to free patterns/tutorials. But I also purchase patterns at my LQS and always have about 40 quilting books at home from the library. I rarely purchase entire books...but did find two great books in the clearance area at Joann's the other day!

Zizophora said...

Hi, I popped over from Vicki's blog to find out if QOV quilts had to be red, white, & blue, so this show was perfect! I usually just find patterns online that I like or draw my own; I rarely buy books, sometimes individual patterns.

Anonymous said...

Love your passion concerning our returning heroes.
I get my ideas all over. Like many others said, the internet is full of wonderful designers who share a lot of free stuff. I have a whole file full of "ideas". haha

I also have bought some books from some of my favorite designers I found on the web, like Bonnie K. Hunter and Judy Laquidara.

(also understand the swoon over Wrangler man :)

Thanks for the chance to win.

Roslyn said...

Most of my design ideas come from either the internet or magazines. I rarely buy patterns/books.
I can usually work it out for myself!

Patti said...

I get my patterns by the "catch my eye" system too. And I'm shamelessly vying for that gift certificate for Vicki's fabric. I just got my first order from her Etsy shop after drooling forever over her fabric; Now I want more!

Ellee said...

Mostly I draw designs on graphpaper to come up with a pattern that I like. Sometimes I will buy a pattern, if I really think I'm going to use it. I may buy a book if there are enough patterns in it that interest me. -- soparkaveataoldotcom

Nann said...

I get pattern ideas from magazines and books, mostly. I don't buy patterns in envelopes unless they are WAY discounted in the clearance bin. (I figure that it's better to pay $2 for a pattern that I'll likely never make than $10 for it! ) I created my own version of Pinterest years ago with a folder titled "Quilt Ideas" that I keep in my computer's "Pictures" section.