Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happiness Project Week 2

I had a great week!! I hope you all did too!

I am finding that setting smaller goals really is helping me stay focused!!  I LOVED all the tips on cleaning out my closets - and I think - seriously - I incorporated them all!! I took a couple of pictures of tops that I loved, but never wore - and off they went.  I saved some shirts to make a T-shirt type quilt, and I flung with abandon.   Only the shirts though - I don't want to go crazy!  2 bags of shirts ( good ones, the yucky ones went to the barn) are on there way to a new home!

By making my piecing time a priority - and telling my family that it was important to me this week - really helped! I didn't feel guilty when I had 10 minutes, if I sat and pieced, versus cleaning the kitchen ( or some other cleaning task)

And!!! I got a lot done! I have string blocks ready to be trimmed, I added blocks to my Jacob's Ladder, AND!!! I have finished two steps of ' s quilt a long

I am still trying to eat healthier - I have found that some days 2 salads is too many - so... I will try to add more vegetables thru - out the day!! My whole family loved my 2 fruits per day thing - but you all.... that is 10 fruits a day!! Holy Cow!!! when a person checks out with that much fruit.... they get funny looks!!!!  ( I only shop once a week!)

This week - some things that have been bothering me are taking front and center. My car - has 4 cracks in the windshield - I want that replaced... and my Ranch Truck - one of the door handles collided with something... and it won't lock. Both of these require trips to town - so I think I am going to focus on that. It's not  big thing - but they are annoying things to me!!

Remember - I also love to I drug the family along yesterday and we went to Rocky Mountain National Park... oh my - it was still snowpacked - and we LOVED it!!!


Kate said...

Sounds like your happiness project is working out well for you. Love the picture in the snow, especially with son #1 in shorts!

Terri said...

I'll bet there were snowballs thrown! and lots of laughing.

Some fruits that are really big will count as 2... they could be cut in half and shared. (Results of a counting carbs class from Kaiser. I'm diabetic.)

Sherrill said...

UH...what's up with the one lone child who has shorts and a t-shirt on?! Everyone else looks pretty bundled. HA

Kevin the Quilter said...

Congrats on getting things done that you want to get done! JACOBS LADDER! JACOBS LADDER! JACOBS LADDER! LOL