Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Special Memorial Day Weekend Quilt of Valor show

I think that it is quite appropriate to have a special Memorial Day Weekend QOV show!!!  I love that we honor or veterans all year long, but I love that this weekend is another opportunity!!

The following SIX !!! Quilts were pieced by Meredith V in Arizona and Quilted by Ron O of New Mexico.

Every time I see Meredith's quilts I just fall in love and swear I should go shopping with her!! I just love the fabrics she uses!!

Aren't they just bright and cheery!!!

On almost every quilt Ron sneaks a little symbol of America in there... I love helping our soldiers search for it!

Check out Abe Lincoln - did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the first president that was nominated  from the newly formed Republic Party (formed in 1854)  to be elected (1860)?

  ( Civics class - your welcome!)

Jar quilts!! I LOVE! Them!
 So here is an interesting little tidbit - I find that these quilts are wonderful for those recovering from Brain Injuries, they are teaching tools that keep the soldiers comforted at the same time - Win! Win!

This last Jar quilt made Little bit and I laugh!!! Check out the fabrics!!

Oink! Oink!
 Bacon and eggs!!!

Thank you all for stopping by during your weekend!! I hope you are having a wonderful one!!!


Elaine Adair said...

LOVE the jar quilts!

Christine Raher said...

Alycia - Happy Memorial Day weekend. I think of my son, veteran and double Purple Heart recipient who received a QoV while recovering - he is well now. My friend, Donna, has started a Rookie Quilt Project (similar to UoWings) that make QoVs. The quilts are beautiful. Please check out their link below.

Christine Raher

Kevin the Quilter said...

Cool quilts and quilting! Kudos to Meredith and Ron!

Diana said...

Thank you for your quilt show. I look at it every week without fail. I sew for a QOV group in California and love the inspiration from your quilts. I will pass on the bug jar idea to them.Diana

diana said...

I just love your quilts. I sew for QOV in California and get a lot of inspiration from your wonderful sewers. I wil pass along the bug jar quilt idea to my group.Keep up the good wqork.

Terri said...

Thanks for the show! Love the first quilts. The I Spy quilts are great, too.
Thank you for your service, too, Alycia. You are doing a wonderful thing.

Terri S. said...

I love coming to your blog and checking out the QOV's you get in. I also longarm QOV's, and it's like Christmas when I get a new quilt top in and open up the package. I can't imagine how much fun you must have, it must be at least tenfold of what pleasure I get.

Anniescrafty said...

These are wonderful.
My Guild has just finished three quilts, just have to do the labels and four more are in process. We are so happy to be able to help our veterans. Two wonderful women volunteered to Longarm quilt these through the QOV organization.
We plan on making this an annual project...until they are no longer needed.
Happy Quilting,

Kate said...

Another set of beautiful and fun quilts!