Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Happy Half Square Block EIGHTEEN

 Surprise - my 18 is completely done this time!! haha!!

Welcome to:

Happy Half Square Block EIGHTEEN

Isn't this one fun?

and here is your drawing for it!

I sent it to Kat ( ) and she did her magic - and now I have another one I want to make THE WHOLE QUILT of!!!

It's this one!! I want to make THIS one!!!

DO you have a Favorite??

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

To Do Tuesday

 I sorta missed last Tuesday - but.... it was hiking day - so its all good!

My list was to:

  • start another Shoo Fly quilt    
      Got some blocks done and a lot of parts for more, I pre prepped them and and using them for LEader/Enders

  • and start another Greek Key quilt
  Got two rounds on this one 

So for this week:
 *I will keep working on the shoo flys and the Greek Keys - and also - 
adding this to the list:

I did a couple last week .... and thought - I can make one a day... 
so here I am with this weeks batch:

Plus - you know - whatever other start that I dig into again.. ha ha... there are so many fun things - plus I am also working on my second mystery of A11.... its really fun to stitch along with everyone:

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Sewcialites blocks

 I tell you what - I am in a starting phase... and I may be in WAY over my head - but.... 

I have the fabric!! why not .... right??

Fat Quarter Shop  is doing a Block of the week thing too... just like my Happy Half Squares - but! they are doing all of the designing... and I get to play with one more projects.

I have the first three blocks done, there are four so far, but! I was too lazy to go downstairs and choose a fabric on sunday - so I shall do it today.... 

I won't think about that today — I'll think about that tomorrow." -Scarlet O'Hara, Gone with the Wind. . Scarlett O'Hara

Hope you all had a good weekend - ours was quite smoky - the way the wind blows, the smoke is right at our house, along with the ash and the deeply burning smell. I feel so bad for all of those evacuated - its just scary. When I went hiking - I went where they are now evacuated - and that is kinda scary. I was pretty sure I was far from the fire, but that thing just blew up and moved in....

Doesn't look like there is a fire to the north does it - so so crazy!!

have a great quilty day!!

go finish Clue #1  ... 2 will be here Thursday!!

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Friday, October 16, 2020

A wedding ring photo shoot - and...... Finished (or not) Friday

 I figured since I was going to play hooky I should take my quilt with me and see what I could see.... and!

the wind was  little blowy - but I think I got some okay photos of the Wedding Ring quilt!

Ta -da - and Unbound Double wedding Ring quilt

I really wanted the quilting to show up - but sometimes 
I think the sun can be too bright.
of which, I am not complaining - I would prefer too sunny than the smoke that we have been having.

A little close up

one of the things that I noticed is that a lot of the peach fabric was 100% cotton, then someone must have ran out, as there is some cotton Poly mix, especially in the borders. This fabric made the quilting a little tougher in spots - as it wasn't as stretchy and nice to work with .

and then - just to prove that I really was in the mountains.

here is the History of this Quilt if you are interested:  Double Wedding ring info

and now it is your turn!! Show us your awesome finishes!!

  • Please provide a direct link - i hate to delete links - but it has to go to your specific post - not just your blog please.
  • link back to this post so that others have a chance to ohh and ahhh over these awesome quilts.
  • visit at least 3 blogs - leave a comment - let's create a community~!


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Thursday, October 15, 2020


 Oh today is the day you have all been waiting for... I know it!!

CLUE #1  for the MYSTERY A11


and you will learn how to create this:

Happy Mystery quilting!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Happy Half Square Block Seventeen

Probably you all think that I am just perfect by now.. and that I always get everything done on time, and that I probably deserve an A.... but I just want you to know... its an illusion!!

One: Yesterday one of my sons showed up and we played hooky and went hiking..... 
Two:   I sorta forgot what day it was, 

            Did I mention the Hooky thing??
Three:  I woke up really early and sat up and went - wait!! I think this morning may be Wednesday!!!

So.... Block Seventeen is in it's RAW form....  you like RAW right?

I had my half squares prepared - but alas.... they are not sewn together... but!!

Welcome to 
Happy Half Square Block SEVENTEEN

and here is your layout drawing.

Dawg says... what is up!

Why do you not know what day it is ALL the time?

Horse says.... heck fire girlfriend
I am keeping an eye on you!

alright you all - today is Wednesday.... that means that TOMORROW is THURSDAY!!
CLUE #1 day.... and ... I am ready for that!!

Monday, October 12, 2020

More Double wedding ring... and a new start!!! ( its plaid!!)

 Happy Monday Morning!!

I have news.... both good and bad... first the good... I have finished my Double Wedding Ring quilt... the bad... the wind was howling - as in - we could not see the barns for the blowing dirt - and so... I didn't take my quilt outside - goodness! it might get dirty - so you will have to see it one more time... in all its glory ;-)

Here are a few more photos of it during the quilting tho!

I am a huge fan of Kimmy B owner of KimmyQuilt  she is just one of the most amazing teachers - and she gets you to understand how to see things in your head. Anyways she sells these really cool MELON Rulers - and you use them to get looks like this!

some of these blocks had too much fabrics - so you see how I kinda smushed some of it together?  I tried to take a good photo, but once I pulled it off the frame - these puckers kinda just blend in...

this was one of the better borders - so it made finding a straight line a little rough, but again - this is not someones family heirloom - it is becoming mine, so its all good, and I am glad to just have quilted it rather than fix it!

A flat view

another funky border - the cool thing here, is I could kinda gather up the fullness of this side and make it behave.  

When I first started I tried to make my Melon quilting all the same size - as I started working through it I had an epiphany moment! What if I made each melon go to the edge of the melon ( as best I could) would that help keep the bubbles down?   and it DID!!!!  So each melon is not exactly the same size of quilting, but it is the same pattern, and the same ratio within the melon... ya... I used math..

Okay - just kidding - I used my eye and made the feathers fit... didn't want you to think I was a genious or anything..... 

oh look .... squirrel..... In my blog reading I was reading Cluck Cluck Sew's blog and she talked about a block a day and then she had a little tutorial, and then on that tutorial is had a 5inch square size ... and you all know that I have 4 million batrillion 5 inch squares....  and

ta da!! A new project was born.... oh sigh....

Not really - I love new projects - and you know... I have the fabric - so why not!!

Happy Monday!

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Friday, October 09, 2020

Tutorials, pattern releases and.... Finished ( or not) Friday

 Last week, On Finished ( or not) Friday... there were some great pattern releases and tutorials - and I want to make them all, and I think you should too!

No excuses that you have too many projects, projects make us all live longer, and get up earlier in the morning... Right?  (if its not true, do NOT tell me, cuz I have a lot of new starts!)

the first one - released by Cynthia - of Quilting is more fun than Housework... is called 

Scrap:Mixology - Well Suited  and I LOVE IT!!!  I mean seriously - that girl has a knack for amazing scrap quilts, and well.... you want this!  there are no less that 4 ideas I am ready to try - this is a VALUE!!!!

NEXT - a perfect tutorial for a perfectly timed tabletopper!

Sunshine in the Attic  showed this awesome table topper... AND shared a tutorial on how to make it!

and then.... Quilting Jet Girl - released this cool pattern...Pistils and Pollen.

I tell you she is a master at taking a technique and creating something really really really cool with it!~!

the large printed links will take you to their blog posts all about these patterns... go you!! find a new project!

Alright!! Now for your time to shine!! What did you Finish  ( or not)  BRAG away....

add a backlink so others can gawk too!!


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Thursday, October 08, 2020

Mystery A11 - My Fabric choices


Last Thursday the Fabric Requirements for Mystery A11 was ( were) posted.

Here are my choices:

many of you are emailing asking me to sign you up - 
there is no sign up.... I posted the fabric requirements here on the blog

and on this same blog ( grin) on October 15th the First clue will go up
each Thursday after another clue will be posted 
On this same blog ;-)

if you want to join in with our chat group - we would LOVE to have you:

join us here:

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Happy Half Square Block SIXTEEN

Welcome to Week 16 
of the

this is my Week SIXTEEN block

when I drew it, I drew it three colored ( see below for the drawing)
but when I saw this crazy blue fabric.
I kinda decided I would prefer to use all the same
as it gave it a diamond effect...

 Crazy thinking?
maybe I have diamonds on the brain?

here is the drawing:

Kat ( Scrap Box Quilts) did her magic work and because it is my blog ( my rules right? haha)

I put my favorite layout first...

I think this would be so cool with alternation blue and red blocks -

Very Quilt of Valor.. ly

this one kinda looks familiar!

Sharon R has been making these too - check out her awesome blocks!!

and then Kat did a little more magic!!
Check out what these blocks could look like in a sampler.
( Mine are very scrappy, so may need some calming sashings between them)

Fun Right?   

If you are new to my blog or just deciding to join in making these blocks - they are all in a tab at the top of the blog so you can see every block. There is no set size - you can make them what ever you want.

they each need 16 half squares - so your method of choice works.

I am using 5 inch squares, and sewing 1/4 inch on each side of the diagonal line that I draw

( works for me)

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

To Do Tuesday

 Last weeks List:

  • I have a wedding to photograph - so that is 2 days out of my week. ( but it should be a blast)
  • More shoo Fly blocks - enough to start a top
  • and quilt Double Wedding ring:

The Wedding was a blast!! The family of the groom had built a huge barn - just for this wedding... and now my husband says we should get married again so he can have a barn built.... 

Do you think I could just register for fabrics? haha

The Father of the Groom is a man to get things done. At rehearsal they were wondering how the bride was going to get to the barn from the dressing rooms. Someone said - oh we will just drive her over.

On the wedding day... and Horse Drawn Carriage showed up!! how is that for pretty cool!!

I also got enough Shoo Fly block finished to lay out a top - and then a really cool package arrived from Athens Texas... WHO IS IN ATHENS!!!  there was a huge stack of blocks - like a million!! and I am so excited to start getting these into tops!!

Look at this stack!! They are all so beautiful... I cried!

Here are my shoo Flys...I am thinking a white small border and then maybe another border of Eagle Fabric... I like eagles!~

I don't know if you remember when I got so crazy about Churn Dashs blocks ( okay I still am, but...) I think I might be crazy for these shoo fly blocks this month - they are the BEST leader ender for me!

So for This Weeks List:

  • start another Shoo Fly quilt
  • and start another Greek Key quilt
  • A little secret stitching ( Christmas is on its way!)

Look!! I even have it cut out!

That along with Quilting for some AMAZING Clients, a little bit of photo editing, and cooking for the crew....... should keep me completely out of trouble..... Right??

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