Monday, March 29, 2010

The Quilts are coming...

Here are some more beauties for the Warrior Games!

This Blue and White one on the right was made by Pat P at She says the pattern is called Tent Flaps by Pat Sloan. Thanks Pat - it is wonderful!!

These next two came from Diane in Washington. They are just beautiful.

I really like this plaid one. I like how the black makes the Plaid colors just pop out.... another color combination on my wanna make list! Thanks Diane for sending these out.

The next 3 quilts on the right came from Jane D in CT - these are just from the first box that she sent.... can't wait to open the next box too!!

All of these quilts have signatures all over them! Her husband took the quilts to some Marine functions and had them signed. What a great idea.

The last three for tonite come from Denise in Colorado. She participated in the mystery quilt that Bonnie had going on over at Quiltville. And she is much faster that I am - because her blocks made TWO Quilts of Valor... ( I am still on step 5)

I wish I knew why my pictures were upside down! But this is the third quilt from Denise.

Thank you to ALL of you - these are awesome quilts! And just so you know - they get the appropriate Ohhing and Ahhing all quilts deserve as I take them out of the boxes.

if they don't there is NO dinner ( wicked laugh)


Jan Mac said...

I love all the quilts and it's great to see so many photos of quilts with new designs I'd love to try. I'm sure the Warriors will love them too.
Hugs Jan Mac

Helen in the UK said...

The quilts by Denise are particularly nice! I couldn't bear to part with my Carolina Christmas, but congrats to Denise on making two AND giving them away :)