Monday, March 01, 2010

March Goals

Is March the month that they say "In like a Lion out like a Lamb"? If so, it started off well. We woke up to snow and cold and 2 Hungarian Partridges picking thru the remains of our garden.
It is time to set my March goals . I am finding that this is really helping me. I don't know if I am getting any more done, but I do know that I am thinking before starting something new..... I am thinking.. have I *finished* what I need to do first. Ususally the answer is No ;-) I think it is keeping me focused!!
So for March:
* Finish the String quilt that I started in February. I have almost all the blocks made, and would like to set it and get it in line to quilt.
*Finish Step 5 of Carolina Christmas. I would go whole hog and say finish the whole thing - but... have you SEEN how many pieces are in this quilt???
*Make a simple baby quilt. There is an addition coming to my extended family, and I would like to have a simple quilt ready when she comes.
* Quilt more Quilts of Valor: My 5th grade kids have 9 ready so far - so I am hoping and praying that I can get them all quilted this month. Send me lots of good "use of time" thoughts. As in NO GOOFING OFF!!



Sherrill said...

Oh, I think you can make those goals EASY PEASY! LOL And I'd never heard of a Hungarian partridge so I had to look em up. VERY pretty! The things you learn....! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't the goals really help get things done? I am doing the same things. I've still started a few things, but I am getting a LOT done also!

I will be praying for you and those 9 QOV. Those kids are awesome! Think of their faces when they see those quilts totally quilted! Cool!

I am also going to have to look up those birds...