Tuesday, October 07, 2008

From Carolyn in PA

These quilts are from Carolyn in PA. She has been quite busy!! Not only does she quilt - she is becoming a farmer ( grin) Her son has a new place that needs a lot of work, so she has been helping out. And learning about Alpacas, Llamas and what the road looks like between her house and theirs.


I sure appreciate these quilts - and I know the soldiers will. They will be glad you had a moment or two to spare for them! Although you must need a nap now!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us all the wonderful quilts you receive, keeps us all inspired.


Anonymous said...

I love them. What wonderful idea I get from reading your blog! You are over 25% of the way toward you gol in the completed quilts! Will the chaplain ever be surprised when you show up in May!