Monday, September 08, 2008

Two more from Amy

She is on a roll! Look at these two beauties that she sent in! I really like both of them - but I am drawn to the red white and blue one. I really love chains - Isn't this one cool? I think Amy pieced them and I know she quilted them on her Long arm. She did an awesome job!
Hope you all had a good weekend? We woke up to rain/drizzle this morning. Its kind of nice - but I am worried about my watermelons. They are so close to being done growing - I hope the cool doesn't make them yuckky.
On the other hand - it is great for my zuchinnis and yellow squash. My freezer is filled for the winter ( with corn too) but the plants keep producing!! So I am cooking with it... maybe you will like this - it was the easiest thing to cook.
I took 3 chicken breasts and sliced them up. Put them in a pan with 1 cup of Salsa, a bunch of diced zuchinni and diced yellow squash. Cooked it till the chicken was done. Took the mixture, put it in a tortilla with some salad, Cheddar cheese and a tiny bit of sour cream - and BAM - dinner!
Okay - back to work!


swooze said...

Wow they are wonderful. I am almost done with my UFOs and the QOV I pledged to you is at the top of my list of things to do next!

Mary Johnson said...

These two are great as well as the other ones you've posted since I've been gone. I especially love the boxy flowers (a quiltville pattern I think) in blues and greens. I can't believe the progress you're making toward the goal of 400!

Unknown said...

Ha Ha Ha! BAM! Just like the Food Network!

What word can we use to declare your quilting?! WOW just seems so simple ...