Wednesday, September 03, 2008

QOV's are quilted

I have actually finished 4 - but I can't seem to find where the 4th quilt picture went... oh well. This one on the left is my Moms first quilt. And it is very square - I am proud of her.
The string quilt is made by Audry. I gave her a bunch of my strings to see what she could come up with - and this was it - its great! On both of these quilts I quilted the Spin Panto - I think it is a Jodi Beamish one. I liked it!
The next quilt was made by Julie, and her moms was the other one I got done. It is also a rail fence. They don't know this - but they are about to be introduced to the world of binding!!
So 4 more down - Yay!! I can add them to the finished list.

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