Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A quilt from Judy

Judy is another gal from my local guild and she doesn't normally make strippy/square quilts. She has other interests - but she thought it would be fun to join our sew days - and she did an awesome job - she even quilted it!

I think it turned out very great!


Now - let me show you how cowboys play football ;-)
Team one - and Team two. They had to play flag football, because the arena had just been plowed. If they played tackle it would defineatly be soft, but they may never get back up!
It was quite cute watching them run in boots and spurs. But they had a great time, touchdowns were made, and I didn't have to take sides - see there is beauty in having three boys - I got to be the cheerleader, and I didn't get dirt in my shoes LOL - Okay - I really did , it was quite impossible not to get dirty!
There has been a lot of late season rains so everything is blooming. It looks pretty to me, but I am sure they are all weeds and will require a lot more work this winter. So while they are pretty I will enjoy the colors!
Have a great day!!

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