Saturday, September 27, 2008

Carls quilt

We interrupt this Quilt of Valor count-down to tell you about a special soldier. He is one of our own. His Sister and Brother in law got to church with my parents. And we have known them for years. They have two adorable little girls. This summer the girls and their mom helped make Quilts of Valor for the VBS program, and showed up at our sew days.


One of the girls was talking to my mom and told her that her Uncle Carl is a Marine and was wounded and had to go to a hospital in California. She wanted to know if he could have a quilt too. So they set up a Quilt day - had all the kids from the Sunday School class color blocks, Audry came in a sewed the blocks together as the kids finished them. By the end of church ( on the 21st) they had the top done. My parents brought it to me on Tuesday. Wed. I quilted it and got in bound. Loaded it up in a Pillowcase and returned it on Thursday.
On Sunday it recieves its photo album and on Monday it will be on its way to Carl! How is that for teamwork!

Apparently Carl has some pretty serious wounds and will be in the hospital for a while, so I sure hope this lets him know he is loved!
I promise - I will let you know what we did Friday... it may just be tomorrow though. I now have the camera - the car is unloaded, so there is forward progress ;-)


Stephanie D said...

Fantastic quilt! He can't help but feel the love and good wishes when that quilt covers him!

Good job, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alycia

As usual you and your quilty family have stepped up to the challenge and exceeded all expectations.

I watch regularly to see how your total is growing. You certainly have some special friends. My quilts will be there before you leave but am currently busy preparing for a guild sale & quilt show. I have also encouraged others in my quilt group to make some too.

Shari in AZ

Jackie Russell said...

Great quilt and story about the quilt!

Anonymous said...

totally wonderful quilt.