Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Its Joyce Day!

Joyce is a machine quilter - and she made and quilted this quilt. I put a close up of the quilting - because it is wonderful!!


One of the best things about getting finished quilts is that I get to check out the quilting. This is a talented bunch of people in this business! She is in PA.


I also got a quilt from an anonymous donor here in Colorado. Actually there were two - but I just noticed I didn't get a picture of the second one... now I have a job for today *grin* Isn't this one pretty though? It is all Batiks.. so what do you think Male or Female quilt?


Lori said...

I think female but, a guy who is confident about his female side might like. hehehe!!!

Lori said...

oops I forgot those PA quilters know what their doing!! Yes they do.:0)

LizA. said...

Oooh, definitely female for the batiks. I don't know many men that like purple, especially army men!

Julie said...

Hi Alycia, thank you for your comment on my QOV. I was matched with a Longarmer nearby and she has my Top now. I'm sure she will do something magical with it! I think both men and women soldiers would like the batik quilt.