Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Miscellaneous stuff

I have been asked if I do anything other than quilting... well ... why would you ask that? *giggle* But yes - there are a few other things that go on around here.


This top pic if my middle son. He is in 4-H and this year he has decided he wants to do cake decorating and horses. So we decided we better learn about decorating cakes. I went to Denver with a friend and was telling her about this - then I casually said - so do you know anything about cake decorating? Surprise - this is what she did prior to quilting!! So she got us her books and gave me a lot of good starter info - and we practiced on saturday on Graham Crackers. They were yummy!


Then there is my little guy. The bag he is holding up came from Tracye - it is SO cool! You can put the whole world in there, of course the only thing the kids care about is the food! He is playing football - so 2 nites a week and Saturdays are football. He lost a tooth last nite - very exciting.. and the one next to it is loose too!!


Last but not least is the oldest *gulp* He is on the swim team and he has meets once a week and practice every day - so we chase him around too. This season has started out awesome for him - I expect great things!!

Okay - so now I can get back to quilting right? *smile*
This morning as we left for school there were two flaggers ( for the highway construction dept) in our driveway. Never dawned on me to ask why they were in MY drive ... but as I came back I noticed they had a steam roller and 2 huge trucks there. I told the flagger - Um - Ma'am - your crew is in my driveway. She says oh they are fixing the edges - I don't think you can get in - and you can't drive on it for 4 hours.... ummm, well she understood my plight as I told her - but I work up there... so they helped me sneak around the stuff and get up the road - now I can't leave until 2pm... which is such a hardship *grin*
See ya later!


Paula, the quilter said...

Too funny! My first thought on seeing your little guy holding the bag was what a cool Halloween costume and that Alycia has time? to make them. Then I read the post and had to laugh at myself. *grin* But look at that pic -- it almost looks like he is wearing that bag.

Mary-Frances said...

Aww they're so cute! Aren't they all growing too fast tho? I keep thinking I'll put a brick on my kids head to stop them! Ha, ha!

Roxanne said...

I know how you feel! I do have a life outside of quilting, but there are days when all I want to do is quilt and ignore the housework. :)

Your kids are cute! Mine keep me busy, too. I'm actually making my second "schlep bag" like the one your son is holding; I took the first one to Rhiannon's baton-twirling championships in July, and it held a LOT of stuff.

I know kids grow up too quickly. My oldest is 21 and is talking about marrying his high school sweetheart (they've been together for 5-6 years now). College is one thing, but marriage? I'm not ready for that. Enjoy these days, because they just don't last!