Friday, September 12, 2008

Quilts of Valor Quilted this week

This is my quilting for the week towards Quilts of Valor. I really want to hit the 100 mark soon with the Quilted tops....just a personal goal. I find if I have a few goals sometimes I stay on track *smile*
The Top Left one is from Barb up in Livermore. She has done a lot of hand piecing and quilting.
The String quilt is one from my Heartstrings group. It was a bunch of blocks from many people and put into a top from Sue and sent to me.
Last but not least is a rail fence version from Willa. So thats 3 more quilted ! This is the first one she made - and I think she has been chained to the sewing machine since then. She is really enjoying sewing!!
Hope you all have a good day. Its a little - okay A lot - rainy here today. So I am sure that all the weeds will really start growing again!


Mary Johnson said...

You're making great progress! Marianne just mailed two QOV to me to quilt before sending them on to you.

Helen in the UK said...

I continue to be amazed and delighted by all the wonderful QOV people are sending to you. I'm sure you'll soon be through the 100 quilted barrier :)