Tuesday, September 02, 2008

From Marti

I go to a guild in Ft Collins. After going the first week in August - I got a phone call from Marti. She had two quilts that she would really like to go to a soldier(s).. could I help her out... well you bet! It worked out wonderfully - my parents live North of Ft C, I live east - so they were coming to visit me - and the met up with Marti , picked up the quilts , and brought them to me. Perfect!
I think it was worth the visit!
For those of you who saw the pics in the previous post - I thought that was so wierd the way blogger read the pic. It is taken over the couch, and my son was laying on the couch - I thought I got his feet out of the way ( he is 7 he should be shorter!).. hmmm
Hope you all have a quilty day - I got a lot quilted this weekend - so I will have to get those pics and get them up - I am excited!!

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