Friday, September 19, 2008

4 Beautiful Tops for Quilts of Valor

You will have to excuse the sun shine shining thru these tops - I didn't see it until I downloaded the pictures. But I will keep the sun - thank you ;-)

These 4 tops came in from my Friend Sandi H. She has helped our project out with fabrics quite a few times - and this time she sent finished tops! She and her mom made a lot of Quilts of Valor and I think are up to 112 quilts? It was a big number. I have great admiration for them!
So this Patriotic one on the left was made by her mom, Agnes, and so was the blue/cream one on the left.

The stars and chain quilt

on the top right was made by Colleen and Cecelia.
The DNP with the green in it was made by Colleen!
These are so wonderful - I love the colors and the patterns. Thank you so much ladies!!

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John said...

I am new to your blog, so forgive me if you've addressed this in an earlier post ... but do you accept donations of pieced quilt tops,and then you quilt & bind them? I am asking because I might be interested in donating a red, white, and blue top but don't have backing, etc.