Monday, September 22, 2008

quilts from the FOQ

This group sews and quilts at Heartbeat quilting.. in Spokane Valley , WA - also on the web at:
and they call themselves the FOQ group, but they didn't write what that means. So is it the Fairly Odd quilters, the Funny Oppressed quilters, the Funky Offbeat quilters? Hmmm - well whatever you think that might be they made some wonderful quilts for the Quilt of Valor project! They are all quilted, bound and ready to go!
They have a great variety of quilts, and of fabrics. I really like seeing the various quilts and quilt patterns! Kind of makes me want to go sew more.
This weekend went way to fast for me. The boys drug Dad out to the arena and played some arena football. It was great - and Dirty! The arena was plowed a few days ago so it is super super soft , and dirty! While they played I got fabrics organzied. The 5th grade is going to start cutting fabrics, so I cut up a bunch of fat quarters. We decided to do some theme quilts this year, so I searched my fabric for certian themes that they came up with. You'll have to keep following along to see what the themes are. Of course you know Patriotic was the first winner!
Have a great one!

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Roxanne said...

So how many QOVs are you up to now? I know your goal is 400 for the year, and with all of the quilts on your blog, you have to be making significant progress by now. I love visiting your blog!