Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a QOV Quilt show

Need a little pick me up mid-week?  This week I sure do - that time change and the added activities are kickin' my you know what!!  My poor alarm has to go off to get me out of bed... usually I beat the alarm ( My alarm is a big black dog who whines when she is hungry!)

Let's see some cool quilts and get Inspired!!


This cool Southwestern looking quilt was pieced, quilted and bound by Liz D. She is WONDER WOMAN!! 

 Check out this quilting - is it not COOL?  Truly - I want to make a quilt just for that quilting pattern!!
 And look at the back....

This one was also Pieced Quilted and bound by Liz ( that's Liz Taylor Davis - statler teacher extroidinaire!!)

Check out this quilting - there's boots, and hats and Cactus's ( or Cacti as my daddy calls them!)

another one completely put together by Liz. The 9 patch's have batiks in them! Awesome!!

This one made by Lydia P and Liz quilted it for us. It is a gorgeous quilt!! The border fabric and the backing fabrics are to die for!! Lydia - thank you for this wonderful quilt!!

The next 5 quilts all come from the Columbine Quilt guild. The ladies got together and made these and Audrey T long-armed them all!!

I really like the patterns they chose - each quilt is quite unique!

And the quilting designs that Audrey used are all so very patriotic!!
These will be cherished for years to come!!

Zoe Ann is the coordinator of this group - didn't she do an amazing job?

The last quilt on todays Quilt of Valor show is a Friendship Sampler made by a group in Centennial CO. 
 The blocks are amazing - and the quilting - oh la la - magnificent!!!
Thank yoU!!

Hope you enjoyed all these quilts today - Did it give you a midweek pick me up? 
I so appreciate all the work and dedication that goes into making these quilts!!
And so do the veterans that receive them....

The end ;-)


Gypsy Quilter said...

Great Show n' Tell. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Pearson said...

Some awesome quilting in those!

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy the qov show and tells you do. it motivates me all the more. my dad was in the military for over 25 years. the people in the miltary are near and dear to my heart. thank you again for all you do. patti leal

Nancy said...

Good job everyone.

Pat R said...

All I can say is 'WOW'....great job, everyone!