Tuesday, March 06, 2012

More Cool Quilts

I love looking at quilts!! 
Here are some great Quilts of Valor that we have finished!!

Think I might have moved on this one - but it is a lovely quilt made from the Take 5 pattern. Harriet made it, and quilted it. Her eagles were wonderful!!

This quilt was pieced by Sue S from her friend Mary Jane's Fabrics and quilted by Sue.... I LOVE it!!

This next one was pieced by Sue from Mary Jane;s Block. MaryJane passed away and had a lot of fabric and blocks in her sewing room. Her husband gave a lot of them to Sue to finish. and WOW - has Sue worked a LOT!!  Sue also quilted this one.

This color theory one was made and quilted by Rosalie. I remember seeing it hanging at the County fair - I believe it had a ribbon on it - isn't it cool?

This last Quilt of Valor was pieced and quilted by Ethel - Its pretty cool!!! Kind of a basket weave look to it!!

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of Eye Candy!! These Quilts of Valor are amazing things.. I had a lady come to me and ask how people can make such beautiful works of art and then part with them. When I explained that these people were true Patriots, and really wanted to support our service members - she cried..... Isn't that cool ( well not the crying part - but the emotion that went with it!)


Quilting from Robin's Nest said...

Very impressive, as always! Love the comments you add. Makes the piecing, quilting and letting go make more sense to those that do not quilt.

Nancy said...

I enjoy seeing all the quilts that you receive. Keep the photos coming!

Impera_Magna said...

Beautiful quilts... I'm especially intrigued by that large strippy star quilt...

Lynn said...

I love seeing such beautiful quilts made to be given away to strangers! Some folks just don't get it when it comes to making something nice for donation, but those of us who do it understand the reward even if we never receive a personal "thank you" from the recipient.

I enjoy your blog so much I passed along a little award to you on my blog today. I hope that people will check out your blog and that some of them will be inspired to make a Quilt of Valor themselves.

Anonymous said...

Another fascinating exhibition of eye candy! You shows serve as an inspiration and a "thank you" to us all.

Keep up the good work....who needs clean clothes anyway????

Shari in AZ