Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pillowcases and Battings

Monday Morning when I assumed that No Postal/UPS service would be running, my UPS man Brought me a Box. The Box is from Fairfield, and has no other persons name on it. Inside there were 4 queen sizes Batts!! I am assuming that this batting is for the Quilts of Valor. If you sent it to me Thank you!!
This batch of pillowcases on the couch was sent in from New Jersey. There are 10!!! Thanks Jane M!

These cute little baggies are also Pillowcases. They were sent from Chris S and Naedean B in New Mexico. Thanks Ladies!!

Denise V from Denver Noticed a sale at Joanns and brought me some battings too. I am so excited - how did she and whoever sent the fairfield know that I used my last piece of QOV batting Monday? Perfect timing!!
Denise also brought me two quilt tops which I will show you when they are quilted and 3 pillowcases!!
Thanks Denise!! Ps Give those cutie pie kids a high five for me!

This last photo of pillowcases was sent to me from Loretta in LA. She also quilted some quilts - and has a few more on the way to her (grin). Thanks Loretta!!
Have a great evening!


Amy said...

awesome!!! sometmes blessings just come unexpectedly..

Anonymous said...

I love looking at all the quilts that are coming in to you. How close are you to the goal now? If your list is correct you need less than 100. We should be able to get you there.
Nancy L

Loretta said...

I'll be looking for the quilt tops, Alycia, and will get them back to you ASAP. I hope we surpass your goal of 400, since I read that now there are 700 recovering. Let's try to cover EVERYONE.
Hugs form Louisiana