Monday, November 13, 2023

Thankful November week 2

 Ready for the next weeks Thankfuls??

Hiking - for me - helps me cultivate an attitude of gratitude. I am free from the daily to-do lists , and the feeling that I must ”get something done “ .

My gratitude today is that I have a husband who loves to hike with me , and no matter where we are , he is willing to check out the local trails .

This weekend it was the Salt Lick Trail …. Who wouldn’t be curious about that ?

This is going to be a weird one to be thankful for - but bear with me....

Today I am Thankful that it is Emptied!!! 3 months ago I loaded all the stuff that was my parents, in this pod so that I could put their house on the market. I told myself 6 months - that was the limit on keeping this pod of things...

But today... 3 months later it is emptied!! Go me!

Now that does not mean that all the things have been sorted thru, it just means that I have done the first sort haha!

I’m a fan of natural colors , and I am pretty sure God has a few art skills ðŸ¤£

I’m thankful I get to see landscapes like this , and even more grateful my dog will walk them with me.

I’m also thankful that my husband mows fire breaks for me , they make amazing walking trails around the place ðŸšœ

This one is a memory photo - but! 6 years ago I got to go to the Bob Hope Medal of Honor Gala with my Friends Rowdy and Renee.

Its one of those things that wouldn't have happened except thru the connection of Quilts. Rowdy was one of my QOV recipients and we have been friends ever since.

A Friendship that I am extremely Grateful for ( not just because he and his wife take me places😂)

Even tho we don't see each other every day - I always know that Rowdy and Renee are there and I can reach out, and when Rowdy sends crazy messages like * I am glad to know you * it totally makes my day.

Today I am thankful for friends near and far, and the connections we make.

Nov 11
In continuing with what I am thankful for each day ….

I am so thankful for all the photos being posted today of folks favorite Veterans. I love how their service is remembered. It is so impressive!!

I love seeing who served and what branch. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

Nov 12

This is my buddy … he is nicknamed the hungry hippo - as in he is always hungry and will definitely let you know when it is time to eat !

He is my thankful for today . Yesterday after all my “duties” were done ( awarding quilts is an awesome duty )

I was so happy to come home and go for a relaxing ride on him , but as the sun set - his hunger kicked in , he was the first to remind us hay should be his reward !!

He was an accidental ( or so I tell Kelly that ) purchase . I bought him when he was 9 months old , while holding a 2 mo old child in my arms.

He has grown up with us , and is pretty all around . He’s been calf roped and team roped off of , done lots of ranch work and now I shoot off of him .

See why he might be my favorite?

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Linda said...

I sound like a stuck record, but you are so lucky to have those wonderful hiking places! I really enjoy your photos. Your horse is beautiful.

Sara said...

Sounds like you have your life enriched with human and animal friends. Yay! I agree that being involved with quilts - and especially Quilts of Valor - has been an awesome way to connect with new friends.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I love these posts. Congratulations for getting the pod empty in half the time you had envisioned. That's huge progress!

Delighted Hands said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your thankful posts! These are some beautiful glimpses of your life!

Kate said...

Lots of cool things to be thankful for. Congrats on getting the first sort done on all your parents stuff, that is an achievement.

Lillian "sognafaret" said...

So much to enjoy

magiceye said...

Loved the portrait of hungry hippo! :)

dee Nambiar said...

Oh yes! Those really are landscapes to be thankful for. So beautiful!
(I go hiking for the same reasons - to take a little break from the chores and other work. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

He must be calm to let you shoot off him. No spooking with those loud noises. Did you get a deer this year? I miss venison (hubby hasn't hunted in almost 30 years).