Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Family Hats

 You may remember I learned to make Hats.... just hats... don't stress me with anything else yet.

But! I decided that we all needed hats - so I made one for the entire family, and! we set out to walk the pasture and find a place we could take a photo.

It was a little sunshiny - and we couldn't figure if we wanted to squint, or have shadows. So we went for the no squint part.  I even got Puppy to wear his hat for the photo - yay!

These went to my Brother and his family ( above)

These went to my SIL and her family

and My dad got a blue one - and I forgot to take a photo of him wearing it!
I guess I shall track him down.

Oh and two went to my MIL and FIL
Hopefully they will send a photo.

Now the Whole Family is covered... I am back to making them for Operation Christmas


Sherrill said...

YAY!! I've been making hats, too! I need to get the one in progress finished so I'll have 4 (plus some gloves that I didn't make and some backpacks) to donate to the Night Shelter for the homeless. Our weather is turning cold Sat. afternoon so I better hurry up!! Good job on all the family hats.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I am such a slow knitter that I might get one done. I will stick to comfort quilts where at least I have a reasonable output.

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Your hats look great. I am sure your entire family greatly appreciated especially walking around the pasture. Good job!

Vicki W said...

Well done! I've over-crocheted a bit again so I'll be back to the loom for a few days. I switched from hats to dialysis sleeves for now only because the local distribution organization has asked for them. They go just as fast as the hats.

Unknown said...

Goodness, you've been busy.

San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

Michele said...

I remember my gram making hats like that for all of us grand kids when we were younger.

Kathleen said...

Operation Hat looks to have been a grand success - even the puppy got one!

Delighted Hands said...

Just beautiful! It's nice to learn of a new and enjoyable task for your hands!