Sunday, December 05, 2021

Day 4 Part B - Cape Cod and More Light Houses

 After Chatham and that yummy Clam CHowder!

We headed up the peninsula - I would tell you that was north - but what do I know? We headed towards Provincetown

we stopped at Nauset - and the Light House was under construction!

it had been closer to the beach but - they had to move it back since the beach was shifting !!

It was built in 1836 - and has had to be moved 4 times already do to Beach erosion

We drove all the way to the Northern Point and started hiking on the beach. then we decided we had already hiked 8 miles that day - we weren't going to make it to this lighthouse. The sand was cold, the wind was blowing and... we had to be heading back to Newport by 3. 

I was discouraged but, we got in the car - and voila!! you could see it from another angle!!!

We started going back down the peninsula ( and if I have that wrong... just call cape cod that for me for this post ok?)

And we saw a sign for the Three Sisters Light houses - so Detour!!!

These Three Sisters were no longer in service but had been moved back out of the way.


This is the current light house in place of where the Three Sisters used to be. It's kind of pretty!

After that we really had to get going and get back to Newport - I had to have dinner with my Son!!

Priorities you know!


Delighted Hands said...

So much fun on your lighthouse hunt! Very cool to find them-both the planned and unplanned!

Kathleen said...

Another great day of travel on the Cape! You have seen more of the lighthouses there than I have (ridiculous) but we don't go to the cape much. I might have to add that as some side trips, when we are looking for something to do.