Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Day 7 - The Freedom Trail

 We only had a few hours in Boston until we had to get to the Airport... sadly Vacations must end...

So we got in an Uber and Went to the Constitution and figured we would follow the Freedom Trail back towards our Hotel ( we were close to the end of it) Grab our stuff and get to the Airport.!

The USS Constitution!  There is a rumor that one of our historical relatives stowed away on this ship. And the once discovered was put to work.... hmmmm

This is the other ship docked on the other side - I thought it was cool!

The Freedom Trail actually starts at Bunker hill - and we could see the monument from the Constitution site

This ( below) is not historical - but we were in front of the stadium where the Celtics play  - so K wanted proof that we were there. (Ps I did tell you that east coast weather plays havoc on a girls hair right?)

I had printed a map of the Freedom Trail before I left home - so we kept putting the next location into our phones and following the phone maps...

So we found the Copps Hill Cemetary
there were tons of apartments around it and then we found

The North Church

I thought it was pretty cool. But one of the things that was different to me - is life just keeps happening around these Historical Sites... there were parks and apartments and stores....

You have to see it in Black and White - My favorite!

Then we plugged in Paul Reveres House

and saw it and the courtyard next to it.

We also saw the sight of the Boston Massacre. March 5th 1770 - Dr Ben Avery Ware told us a lot about it, and of course you have to google it more. 


These Cemetaries are also all over 
This one had famous people like Sam Adams
Benjamin Franklin
Paul Revere
and more - but they are just there - it the middle of peoples daily commutes

For each site we were putting the next one in our Phone maps - and I kept thinking - you know
if they are going to call it a trail - there should be markers or something around.

And then I noticed the sidewalk

I pointed it out and my dear sweet caring husband looks at me as says
You mean you didn't know that is what we have been following.

Oh boy...   and look - I even found a marker that confirmed that we really had been following the *trail*

our Duck Boat Tour Guide had told us that in the olden days a lot of folks couldn't read - so there were these little symbols put out in front of stores - like a tea cup, and spoon, and we found this one. But I am not sure what it is.... maybe a shaving kit thing?

Let's just say I am glad I can read

there is inspiration for Quilts!!!

and MORE!!

and MORE

Here's another one -
a super old historical Church - with a skyscraper right next to it!

We completed the Whole Freedom Trail - our brains were buzzing and Look what we found!!

after that - we hurried back to the hotel, Packed up and headed to the airport....

Its good to be back home again....

( except the Laundry and the cooking and... hahahahaha!!)


Delighted Hands said...

Oh, what fun! Sometimes spotting the obvious is hard....
I think that shop is an Apothecary; it is a mortar and pestle.

Jackie said...

That symbol you thought was a shaving cup was probably a mortar and pestle indicating a pharmacy was there at one time.

Carlie Nichols said...

Wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Elle said...

Boston is a fantastic place to be a tourist. I'm glad you found the Freedom Trail and so many of the historical sites. I too was amazed that cemeteries are 'plopped down' everywhere.

Thank you for sharing photos. Great trip down memory lane for me. :-)

abelian said...

That gold symbol is a mortar and pestle, which was used by pharmacists. I’ve enjoyed coming along on your trip! Dot

Rebecca Smith said...

It’s been many years since I was there but I believe there are two cheers bars; the original that doesn’t really look like the show but inspired it and a replica. Would the symbol be a pharmacy? It looks like the mortar and pestle to me.

cityquilter grace said...

loved seeing boston photos...when i lived there visited all those places, often on my way to work...LOL...one summer the opera company performed pirates of penzance on the deck of the constitution...it was a hoot! it is a wonderful place indeed....home to me and i miss it..

Fun60 said...

I followed the trail a few years ago and was thrilled to see your photos.

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

I'm glad you liked your visit to Boston. I lived there for many years before moving to Arizona. Right before I left Boston, several friends and I walked the Trail following the path. We had a great time. Your pictures brought back many memories of the years I spent in Boston going to school and then working there. I left in 1975 and have only been back once. Thanks for the memories!

Kathleen said...

Good for you for hiking the trail on a travel day! I always feel like the last day you don't get much done, but not you! Glad you enjoyed your journey!

Preeti said...

Love the pictures, especially the quilty inspiration. Did it not look like Scrappy Trip Around the World? Funny that you came across it while you were on a trip. There is a similar Heritage Walk in Baltimore, where the "Heritage Walk" signs in the trail are in several different languages including Hindi. The first time I saw it I squealed in delight and wonder. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.