Thursday, December 09, 2021

Day 6 - off to Boston and the Duck Boats


We headed off to Boston. Another place I had never been. So I decided we needed to take a tour!

 The clock tower with Birds flying all around - we sat a watched it for a minute while we waited for our tour. Also - there was a gentleman that was taking ship rides, and he just started talking to us like we were his long lost friends. It was kinda strange, and kinda interesting - and after 10 minutes - I wanted to make him stop talking and he never took a breath.

When I was a kid - we had a neighbor - and when she got tired of me and my brother she would say - I think I hear your Mom calling you - and we would head home.

This gentleman took a breath - and I said - I think I hear your Mom calling you. And he looked up and just started walking away......   My husband laughed at me - he said I have never seen *that* work before.....

Anyways - the Duck Boat!!!!  It is a replica of a WWII amphibious vehicle - and they are not very wide. It is a good thing I like K because we sat awful close to each other!!!

Our tour guide was Dr Ben Avery Ware... as in Been everywhere - haha!! 

He was awesome - but my favorite thing he said was - when I point something out - and I tell you it is historical - you just need to Ohhh and ahhh about it... 

Which is just what I tell my family they must do each time I show them fabric or a quilt, or now - a Hat... I need the ooohhhs and ahhhsss people!

I am sure this was historic... ( ohh and ahh people!!) I just can't remember what he said it was.... I am so sad.

So for the tour - you drive around town and learn SO much history. Dr Ben was Ah!!! Mazing!! and then you get to take a dip into the water!!!!!!!

( and we didn't drown)

The views were incredible
and again - Dr Ben is telling you about all the sights to see

It was still Fall there,.   Fall kinda came one day and the next everything was barren in Colorado - so I was LOVING all the color here!!!  

Maybe some year I will come *fall* in Boston  ( you know like people winter in Arizona)

Sam the Seagull kept an eye out on me, I think Puppy told him I spill a lot - and if your fast - you can have a snack!

our Duck Boat was awesome!!!  and after that we headed to lunch ( or Linner) 
K had Lobster Mac and Cheese. We weren't real sure what to expect - but that looked kinda funny to me!

I had scallops - not as fun to take a picture of  - but definitely yummy!

We walked around town for a but - we saw important people. Did you know Sam Adams funded the revolution?  it seems like we saw a lot of statues of him - but I forgot to count how many.

you can be a part of the Boston Tea Party and join a Son of the Revolution. then you can throw tea overboard!  we didn't - the museum was closed - but we liked seeing the ships

Funny enough - in Boston it was harder to find Gluten Free Restaurants than it was in Newport. And we did search. I finally found a place that served pizza of all things that was in walking distance from our hotel.  

and by walking - you know it was more than a mile. K doesn't hold back  haha!!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Another wonderful adventure, Alycia, and that Lobster Mac and Cheese looks AMAZING!!

grammajudyb said...

What a great adventure you had! Thanks for sharing all the photos! I’ve never been to Boston or Connecticut. On my list though. I like the tall ships!

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Glad you had such a good time visiting Boston. I lived in Boston for many years - went to college there and then stayed on and worked for several years before moving to Arizona. It was nice to see some the views that I haven't seen in over 40 years. Thanks for the memories.

Kathleen said...

Well were so close! I am so glad you saw Boston, and fall is about my favorite time of the year, sunny warm days and cooler nights. Where did you go for pizza? Most places here are very accommodating, but not entirely GF, but having to deal with our sons food allergies I know that vague answers are way too scary! Oh, the stories I could tell. The duck boat tours are fun, I have done them with people in town and always love them. So glad you got here!

Delighted Hands said...

What a wonderful tour--I enjoyed the sights ooohing and aahing at the appropriate spots, too!

WeedyMama said...

Did you see the US Constitution?

Rebecca Grace said...

All of this is so fabulous but OH MY GOSH, that lobster meal looked like it was totally worth all the gluten and carbs and whatever else! Mmmm!!!

Michele said...

We were just there in September with my Girl Scout troop. We really enjoyed it and are planning on going back to check out more of the sites.