Monday, December 06, 2021

Adventures with Puppy

 Debbie at A Quilters Table mentioned a 31 day Blog writing Challenge for December... I know I have already missed a day - but I thought - well I'm going to jump in... see if I can make my life interesting haha!

So !! We had an adventure on Saturday. Maybe you know we ride horses and work horses and compete on horses... and our adventure took us pretty far south. We would be gone too long to leave Puppy alone, and none of the kids were available to come take care of Puppy while we were gone - so we loaded him up!!

and of course - he had to be documented!

He has this little bed that he likes to curl up in, so I grabbed it and put it in the middle seat of the pick up. He moved right in. and of course, informed me he is the the most * cowboy* in the truck. The real Cowboy sits in the middle so he doesn't have to drive, or get out to open gates..... 

Puppy did not like being in the arena area - some of the noises bothered him, so we came back and hung out in the back of the pickup for a while.

Always ready for a little snacking... and we discovered - he likes popcorn!! 

We got back home and started unloading, his bed was the first to get in the house. But we had chores and all sorts of other outside things to do. I came back in and he was sitting so politely in his bed - sure he was to get another meal.....  soon he will be Fat Puppy  haha!!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh, that sweet face waiting for a home dinner!! :o))

sue said...

Ah, how life changes with a puppy! We are debating getting another one but aren't quite there yet.

Kathleen said...

What a sweet puppy! Yes, we have decided that treats soon become rights. My dog gets more treats now that my husband is in charge (he has more time).

Sara said...

What a funny little furry face! Sounds like he was pretty well behaved and might expect to go along every time.

Delighted Hands said...

who could resist giving him some more treats!