Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan. Getting it done results

January 2013

  • 2. Finish my Wildlife Double Slice quilt ( its on my design wall RIGHT. SMACK. NOW!)
  •             update - Top Completed
  • 3. Start to Quilted my New Years Day Quilt of Valor   Top is done - not quilted Here
  • 4. Start on my HMQS Challenge Quilt. It's due in April - if I start now - I have a chance right?   Started.... I have it ALL cut, and started on the sewing!

Oops - I forgot to post my February Goals - Probably cuz I haven't really thought about them yet!!

1. Bind the Flying Vortex /Purple Pineapple Quilt
2. Bind my Halloween quilt ( it should be finished before the season right?)
3. Quilt my New Years Day Sit and Sew Quilt of Valor

That's a big list for me for this short month - really - it is!


Missy Shay said...

Good job on your finishes! I love your finished quilts!

Kate said...

Looks like you did good for January. Good luck with February.

Jill said...

Great job on your January goals!

Dar said...

You did great on your Jan. goals. I know you will accomplish all the Feb. ones too. Beautiful quilts, BTW.

WyoPat said...

I really like the way you put your string QOV together--I'll have to try that when I get more RWB strings.