Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/23 Quilt of Valor show

I love getting off to a good start in the new year!! I still feel like its New Years Day - all except the school thing, and the grocery thing.... But I can deal!!!  Especially with all of these quilts.

The first two quilts are From Sheree - Sheree is in my Quilt guild and she is wonderful. Not only does she help with Quilts of Valor - she helps get quilts done for our Local Honor Flight!!

This one is pieced by Jody and quilted by Frances.... funny story - Frances is my Dentist.... she is also a quilter -you will never guess how I recruited her  ( imagine that!!)

This one is made by Nancy L - of WA/AZ. it is the Craftsy Mystery and it was Quilted by Linda  in AZ

This is also Pieced by Nancy and Quilted be Linda. Nancy called this her Disappearing Churn Dash...  I am sure there is a story behind that one.....

This one was also quilted by Frances - and pieced by Denise V. Denise V fulfilled her 12 in 12 commitment - I am impressed....

The last two quilts today come From Jo S of PA - the first one was quilted by S. Sweetland.  I kind of LOVE this quilt!!! I may have taken a LOT of pictures!!!

 And this last one pieced by Jo - was quilted by P Cross in NY. Lovely Lovely Quilt!!

I hope you all enjoyed today's quilt show!!! Want to know how you can participate?
 Check out this post for our February Block Drive. 
AND you can win some awesome Fat Quarters from Vicki


Gypsy Quilter said...

Wow, what a great group of quilts!

Grayson Nelson said...

With one son in in the USMC, one daughter in the USAF and another son in the Navy, we sure do appreciate all the Quilts of Valor!! Nothin' says LOVE quite like a quilt.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Cool! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts.