Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Listing

I was asked why I decided to open an Etsy shop - so I thought I would sum it up into one word..


My oldest son - I love him - but he has refused to stay home with me until he is 90 - or I am 90 - whichever comes first! It's quite disheartening I tell ya..... These young whippersnappers that won't do anything their parents tell them.... *sigh*

He has finally chosen the University he thinks he wants to attend... so we did some math... and well.... I like my bubble - its free and cheap in here!  But in the real world.. not so much.

So I thought I would try my talent at selling a few things - and some things that I will never get around to using... So there you go. 

I just posted this quilt to the shop:

And I will be adding some more patterns today... some fun ones ;-)

Link to Quilt


Impera Magna said...

"College" is a very good reason to have an Etsy shop.... but you really don't need have a reason other than you'd like to have one...


Kate said...

Yeah that college thing lurks out there these days doesn't it.