Friday, January 11, 2013

National Limousin Assn. Quilt

Whoo Hoo - Finally finished!!

This is the second year that we have put together a quilt for the National Limousin Association at the National Western Stock Show.... shew that's a lot of Nationals!!

I think I love it!!!

And I think I need a hanging wall now! There are 20 different cattlemens' brands- the bottom right is my neighbors brand.

This one was fun - it is an MJ - but! My father in laws brand is so very similar that we were tickled to see it!!

Is this text? Laying on Floor Laughing?

And the back. I kept it pretty simple so that the brands really stand out. Hopefully it will be loved.

I do have another finish - I hope you will go see it over here

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Missy Shay said...

My mom would love that quilt! Especially if I put her grandfather's brand in it!

Heidi Staples said...

What a clever idea for a quilt!

Lynette said...

Whoop! Whoop! :) This is a cool quilt!! It really makes you want to "cowboy up!" :D

Aunt Marti said...

Alycia, you make me miss the days of showing alpacas at the National Western. But not carrying the alpaca to Denver in the back of my Buick Rendevous!

Jan said...

Great quilt! You did a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alycia, I love the quilt. Our family ranch in eastern Colorado was called 'The Bench 4 Outfit' with a brand almost identical to the one in the bottom row with the rafter and 4. Looking forward to some QOV Sunday's in 2013. Your adopted sister Sue S

Gemini Jen NZ said...

That is really cool - well done!

Richard Healey said...

Wonderful quilt. You did a fantastic job thanks for linking up.

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Sarah Craig said...

That's a really neat quilt, Alycia- great quilting, too! Whoop whoop!!

Kate said...

What a great idea for a quilt! It should be well loved!