Friday, May 14, 2010

The Rest of the Story

So probably, you are wondering what the rest of the story is to my Visit from some wonderful soldiers? They are part of the Warriors in Transition Battalion on post at Ft Carson.
They came to have Quilts of Valor presented to them!

The kids designed a presentation along with the teachers to explain how quilts were made, and how they participated in the process.

I believe that the teachers were able to have each child say something about this program. It was really nice to see the kids come up to the mike a say something to the soldiers.

The soldiers listened intently, and totally focused on the children. They were a very polite audience.

After their presentation, each group got to get their quilt and take it out of the pillowcase. They brought it up to the front and told about their quilt, and what they had named it. Then one child presented the quilt to the soldier, another presented the pillowcase, and a third presented the Photo journal. All of the children from each group shook hands and said thank you.

We had 6 Soldiers from Ft Carson, and 3 from Cheyenne. Our Cheyenne service members included a Guard, a SeaBee and a Marine. It was AWESOME!

After our entire presentation, we had cookies and punch put together by the two head room Moms ( Thanks!!! Mrs N, and Mrs S!!!) And the servicepeople mingled with the kids.

All in All it was a great afternoon, and I think we all learned a little more about giving, and honoring others that have done so much.


JoAnne said...

Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I got teary reading it. This is a wonderful project and you're doing a great job with the kids. Thanks!

mkhquilts said...

Wow! Alycia-That is so inspiring! I'm misting as I write this-goose bumps too! How did you ever start this program? My goodness!

Lori said...

Oh, I can't wait til September!!!

I want to do that too!!

Roma said...

Alycia, you have imprinted memories of a life time for both child and service man.
Just remarkable all the way around..