Monday, April 15, 2024

Just One Thing Churn Dash update

So far - so good!!

I am keeping up with my one a day Churn Dashes - and!! My one a day declutter!!!

Oh!! and Happy Tax Day... blech!!!

And my Baby Bella is learning to garden.

One of my declutters this week was hangers!! How!! How in the world do we get so many hangers?  I replaced all the wire ones with the wood ones that I wanted to keep. Threw the bad ones away ( recycled what we could)  and then I still had 5 bags of hangers!! Good thing ARC actually wanted them and could use them ;-)

Oh!! and I got a new showerhead for one of the bathrooms - My Tax day splurge? Actually - my Son took the one I had in the guest bathroom  - stinker - so I got this one:

Its a High Pressure one - so even with our well and pump its pretty cool!!!

Hopefully you all have your taxes done? This year was a crazy year for me with all the things you have to do with loss of a family person, being a trustee etc - so Friday Night my Brother and I were still working with our accountants to finish paperwork . I was not happy - since I had had everything to them by end of February - but! It is all working out...

Alright - I am feeling that Spring *Get er done* attitude kicking in - back to stitching!!!

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Donna said...

Your churn blocks look great. That’s a great idea to make one a day. You’ll have a quilt before you know it. Enjoy your new shower head. It’s funny how something so unimportant as a shower head can make a little part of life so much better! Glad your tax nightmare is almost over.

Linda said...

Churn dash is so pretty. Bella is so, so cute.
Our daughter texted us at 10:45 last night to ask a question about her tax return. Hubs usually does it for her (she's 49!), and he asked for all her tax info a couple months ago. She didn't get it to him of course and tried to give it to him last week, but he said she didn't give him enough time so she could do it this year - lol! I feel sorry for her but it's past time for her to be responsible, you know?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

our taxes are fairly simple now but still hubby waits until the last minute and got the done this weekend. It used to be a lot harder with more investments but we have it down a bit now and the computer programs make it fairly easy - just glad to have that done.

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Alycia, you've been very busy! I'm ignoring until I can't any more... probably good for one more week ;-) A good showerhead is very important!

Melva said...

Taxes paid... check! Being self employed we make certain that we set aside more than enough money with every paid job that is completed. We then pay the tax bill from that special account and the remaining is our "refund". We used it to enjoy our recent camping trip. 😎

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Ooof taxes hit hard for me this year. That's some big time adulting, and I hope that you don't have as complicated a return situation again for many, many years. The churn dash blocks look great and yay for keeping up with them and declutter a day this month!

Delighted Hands said...

The churn dash blocks are so pretty!!!! We just finished ours last week-much too close for comfort!

Sara said...

Love your churn dash blocks! And yes - filed those taxes early last week. It's always painful to write the check to the IRS, in spite of keeping out extra from our paychecks. But next year should be easier as neither of us is now working full time any longer. said...

Your churn dash blocks are great. Those taxes when there is a loss of a loved one. . .hard. . . but, you are getting it done. I like your shower head.

Bonnie said...

I'm a sucker for a churn dash. You've got a good looking group of them. We had our taxes done really early as hubby is so well organized. Hope all is settled soon.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Your churn dash blocks look great! Great job on making one a day! Hey, children taking things is a great way to get NEW things! LOL Tax day is definitely blech!! I'm sure it is much harder dealing with your taxes this year. I'm glad it all got worked out. Thanks for sharing with us at Monday Musings!