Monday, February 26, 2024


 Our friends son plays baseball at KU ( Kansas). He is a Pitcher.

My husband told his friend we would love to come watch him play. If your in a warm location let us know. And he told us about Texas. We checked the weather, it said it was supposed to be in the 60's/

Texas forgot to tell us that a cold front was going to come thru.

I travel in Sweats - thank goodness! At least I had something warm haha! We landed and it was in the 50;s and it steadily dropped. Sorry Texas - we brought winter! 

It rained, It Winded, the temps dropped to 39 and did you know that HUMID cold is way worse than DRY cold? Oh my stars - it goes to your bones... and remember me? I LIKE COLD... but not Corpus Christie on the water cold... 

I did get a new Sweat shirt out of it tho!!!

They played 4 games - 1 game a day, so before the games - we got to explore,
Since it was raining hard we headed to the Aquarium.... It was dry inside!

I love studying the colors of animals and the contrasts - maybe that helps me in my color selections?

another day we went to the USS Lexington - please note who's name I am under!! I know how it ends for the other... so I chose wisely!!!

Also  - this sign made me laugh!! I decided that we should yell that when a Non Quilting Male comes in to our Quilt day!!!

Just to prove - we did watch Baseball and not just mess around. This is the coldest day there. After that game all the baseball people are talking baseball - and my question to the players.... "How did you stay warm?"   You have to ask the important things you know!!

Another day we headed to the beach - I figured you were probably going to get wet anyways - why not have fun. This is Padre Beack ( I think) they told me it was the North end - and all the party stuff for Spring Breaks is maybe 60 miles south?  

Not a big Partier - but I loved walking the shoreline!!

Sorry Texans that we brought cold weather - but you didn't have to accept it !!
Oh!! Back to the USS Lexington! I got a sweatshirt there - so I was wearing it to one of my Veteran Functions yesterday - and one of the Vets ... I call him Top Gun - he was in the Very First Class of Naval aviators to be a part of Top Gun  - said - hey!! I had to do 10 take offs and landing on that carrier!

That was so cool to me - and the Lex - its a SHORT runway!!! Oh boy!!


Linda Swanekamp said...

I bet you made that vet's day! Cold and wet is not a good place.

Linda said...

That is so cool about your vet doing takeoffs and landings on that carrier. I love to see takeoffs/landings on carriers, it gives goosebumps!
If you brought cold, don't apologize, just come to north Texas and bring us some cold! It was 90- here yesterday, very unusual for February. I am heartily sick of the unusually warm weather.
Glad you had a good time, even though it wasn't a "beachy weather" trip. :)

Sara said...

Sounds like a very enjoyable trip in spite of the cold temps.

Kathleen said...

You did bring the cold...what a shame...but it looks like you did have a blast. What a sweet interaction with that veteran. Can't imagine landing on or taking of on a carrier ship!

Delighted Hands said...

It has been a funny up and down temp winter--glad you know how to make the most of your time! The aquarium looks like fun. The beach pic looks like it is very cold, too!

Kate said...

Corpus Christi is such a fun place to visit. Sorry it was so cold. When Grad Girl was still more interested in the hotel pool than anything else we did on vacation, we spent a weekend on North Padre island. It was one of our more memorable vacations. Glad you enjoyed it all in spite of the nasty weather.