Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Stars Like Spaghetti Clue #5


Once upon a Time I was driving in my car - and a song came on. Me, lots of times, hearing what I want to hear - heard *Stars Like Spaghetti* 

and my mind went immediately to a quilt design.  It wasn't until the third time I heard the song that I realized it was actually

Stars Like Confetti.  oops!! That would make a great quilt pattern too... but not this time.

Today you are making a few more of these:

I used up a lot of Scraps, but.. of course, I can still find more:


Coming Late to the Mystery?  All the clues can be found in these posts:

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See you Next Wednesday the 21st for the next clue!!

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Delighted Hands said...

This Covid set me back on making this quilt but I am cutting out pieces and stacking them up for each clue for when I am upright!

Vivian said...

I'll be visiting my MIL for the next two weeks but taking what I have set up so far with me and hoping to play more catch up while there.