Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Mystery A9 - Lone Rider - Clue #1

Mystery A9 – Lone Rider –Clue #1

For this Clue you will need your Dark 1 and your Light.

You will be making 80 -  4 patches! 

They will measure 4 ½ inches when finished.
If you decide you want to go completely scrappy you will need 160 -  2 ½ inch Dark 1 Squares and 160 - 2 ½ inch Light squares.

I used Width of Fabric
Cut 10 Dark 1 strips 2 ½ inches wide
Cut 10 Light Strips 2 ½ inches wide
Pair them together and stitch.  
  Press to the Dark side.

Sub Cut the Strips into 2 ½ inch units – you should have 160 units.

A quick tip for me – I press the strips, then I lay 2 strips sets on top of each other, in opposite colors and cut my sub units. The seams nestle, and they are ready right away for sewing into a 4 patch.

After cutting you should have 160 twosies – as you can see here – I have 80 pairs – as I already have the 4 patches paired up! It’s super easy to chain stitch this way.

This is them all chain pieced and sitting on my Ironing board to be pressed. I leave them stitched in rows as it is so easy to lay them out on the board, press multiples, then clip the strings.

This clue took me under 2 hours –

1 hour and 20 minutes to Cut and sew the Strips and re cut – then 30 minutes to sew the 4 patches and press

with this clue

A PDF for this clue is Here:
A9 Lone Rider Clue #1


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