Monday, September 02, 2019

A Memory Quilt and the Korean War Memorial

That sounds like a weird mix right? Well - it is.....

So first off - A Memory Quilt

I got a call from a man who had recently lost his wife. He said - could you take her fabric and make me a memory quilt. In my head I pictured a HUGE quilting room with all the fabric organized by color, and that I would go in and select some fabrics and make a quilt for him.

Please don't judge me on the organized thing - in my world everyone else is SO organized in their sewing rooms.... and I always hope it will rub off on me!

Anyways - he says I will meet you with her fabrics..... how can this be? I have a huge room pictured of thousands of fabrics.... Instead it is in a box, and her cats have slept on it... hello... I am HUGELY allergic to cats.

But I can't say no - so I took all the fabrics to the Laundromat and washed them 3 times and now.... I am halfway done with the quilt top.

And now - the Korean War Memorial

The first time I went to DC with my son, we walked on the National Mall - and  I kept feeling like something was behind me, and it was night and I felt eerie.... We later learned that the Korean War Memorial was behind me!

We have been back to see it quite a few times - this time I took my camera and I wanted to try Night photos.   it was such an amazing experience - that memorial gets me every time. It was silent and the people were very respectful

But this image
( below)
Is what I was really trying to capture
and it was hard not to scream YES after I got it.

It is not perfect I know- 
but the Korean Wall has these men in the wall... and their images really speak to me
I wanted to capture them as well

Do you see them?

The American Flag always gets me 
and the one flying there just spoke to me that night.

So while these two aren't related .. They are both Memorials... I hope you still like me 😉

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Linda Swanekamp said...

Thanks for hitting the pause button and making us think. These are the things that motivate me inside when all else is crazy. I always love your photographs.

Ramona said...

Both parts of this post are so beautiful. How wonderful of you to make this memory quilt for this man. It's going to be a treasure for sure. And your Korean War Memorial!! It's such a beautiful memorial and you captured it in your photos.

Anonymous said...

I love your night photography. The men on the wall should speak to us, just as they follow us to remind us that they are always going to be there at the wall and in our souls. The Vietnam wall is the reminder to my age group - all the men lost and all the men who could have had names there but were spared. Thanks for the memories of all we have lost and mean so much to us and our country. Jo

Kate said...

Great photos! The memory quilt is coming along nicely. You've had a really busy August, hopefully September will slow down a bit.

Rebecca said...

Several years ago I had a chance to go to Washington DC for the first time. My brother and his wife had been stationed there for a bit and acted as my guides. Great trip.
Saw all the war memorials during the week I was there and was amazed at how different and unique each one was and what it said about the war they represented and the times they where built. The one that kicked my butt and still haunts me so to speak is the Korean Memorial. Great picture.

Kathleen said...

You are sweet to take this on. Curious - why did you was three times?

The Joyful Quilter said...

With memorial quilts and photos, you just never know what you're going to get. Sorry about the cats! You did a great job on your night photos in DC.

KatieQ said...

Of all of the memorials that I have seen in DC, the Korean War Memorial is the one that truly captures the suffering and dedication of the armed forces during war time. I have visited it a few times, both day and night and always walk away with gratitude for the men who serve and sadness for the suffering endured. The statues of the men slogging theough the "rice paddies" and their reflection against the images of the wall is awe inspiring. The names of several of my friends are inscribed on the walls of the Vietnam Memorial and seeing them among all of the other names is heartbreaking for me but, the Vietnam nurses memorial, which probably doesn't get as much tourist traffic, is equally heart wrenching. While the memorials are lasting and fitting tributes to those who served, they are a reminder to all of us of the horror and the terrible price paid. Thanks for featuring the photos for those who have not been able to view them in person.

AnnieO said...

I am only semi-organized and don't have a huge quilting room, lol, but you did a lovely job with what you received.

I have not been back to DC in many decades but felt the same way about the Vietnam Wall Memorial. A 1/4 size replica comes to town every couple of years and is also as moving, all those lost.

Julie said...

I must admit, I would be like you, thinking there would be a large amount of fabric in an organized room. Too bad about the cats, but I am glad you were able to work with the fabric and I know the man will be so happy to have this memory of his wife. That is special of you to do that for him.

The Korean War Memorial at night was amazing! My sister and I went to it last summer. I saw it both in the day and the night and it was spectacular. Very somber, as were the other memorials and Arlington Cemetery. I was honored to get to visit.

A mom said...

Thank you for the Korean War Memorial photos. They are beautiful. My dad was shot on his 3rd day there. Very close to his heart. He underwent many surgeries and 18 months recovering at the military hospital in Denver. When his dad saw him he didn’t even recognize him. Thankfully, he did live.

Mary Johnson said...

I found the Korean War memorial really well done ... it left me unsettled also but then maybe that’s what we should feel.

PatriciaLud said...

The Korean War memorial is my favorite because it's "right there" with you. Such a moving and thoughtful place. I love the WWII memorial too, but the quiet silence of your photo really makes a impact.

Becky G in SC said...

I love the Korean War Memorial in your photos. My QOV group in South Carolina had the honor to wrap a 94-year old Korean War Veteran, Mr. Funches, who was a POW in Korea for 1,000 days. He was 'detained' as committing 'war crimes' rather than a POW and was the last American released by the Koreans.

Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said...

I love a good memory quilt. It's lovely that you are doing this for the gentleman.

Pat said...

WOW! Your photography is amazing. The most amazing thing I’ve done in DC was a night tour of the memorials. It was years ago, but I’ll never forget it.

Snowcatcher said...

The Korean War Memorial was one of my favorite photo spots in DC. It is so moving. I can't wait to take my husband there one day. The quilt is going to be so wonderful!

Preeti said...

Like you? What's not to like? I love you.
Thank you for sharing the pictures of the Korean Memorial. May be I should visit since I live in the shadow of DC. Shame on me.
I try to be organized and succeed from time to time ...till I need that exact shade of bluish purple :-)