Monday, September 09, 2019

Come to the Source

Probably you don't know this... but around here...  We like Horses!
Sometimes a little too much ( as in I can't say no when another comes home with us)

Wrangler Man's Sister and her Husband run an Amazing horse ranch ( Merritt Quarter Horses, Colorado)  - and raise some of the most beautiful horses around.

They started a breeding program years ago and the horses they raise are super ranchy, super athletic, beautiful animals.  I might quite possibly own 4 myself today!

22 years ago they hosted the first "Come to the Source Horse" sale to sell some of the progeny... and we have been to as many of them as we are allowed.

This last one was super fun for me - I took my camera!

Oh... and their Sale is Called *Come to the Source*  and My Family has a Facebook page for their horses - Merritt Quarter Horses  ( go follow it to see some beautiful creatures!)

Alright - that was my plug

Want to see what I saw?

  This here is my Beautiful Family - The gal in Yellow is my Sister in law - the guy in white is a nephew and the one speaking - none other than.... my Brother in Law - the head of the Merritt Clan.

( there is another nephew hiding in the back - black hat!)

He can't get away from me tho!

We also have a phone in bid process - so even if you can't be there in person
you could get your hands on these Hancock Horses

Isn't that the cutest baby?
I sorta wanted it
but I didn't bid...
( I tried to remember the 3 kids in college thing)

So this is the Bid pen
Maybe you all know this but .. I'll tell you again
These three see the bid and call them out to the auctioneer
And they were awesome
( and funny!)
There was a lot going on and they were right on top of it

The Auctioneer in the Blue shirt on the right?
He was the best.
I picked my seat so I hoped I could see the sale ring, and then he showed up.
the first horse that came out - he stepped dead on in front of me
And I thought... fine - I will go move

He looked up - saw the camera
and I swear NEVER got in my way again

What a super nice guy!!

I totally love that this is a family affair
This is my youngest Nephew
He wasn't even alive when we held the first sale
 but he has been a part of if since he was born

This is my other nephew
He too is a Major helper in the whole operation
Its been awesome watching them grow up to where they are today

and my Famous Brother in Law
He's the best
You can learn so much just from hanging around him.
( Don't tell him I said I like him tho - he will tease me mercilessly and make life rough on me)

And because you know I like Black and Whites
The little Colt on the left was for sale
but Momma goes in the ring too
Makes it easier for the baby to be happy

Another Sweet baby
I tell you - they are the best horses

I love the way she handles horses
Kinda like the way she goes thru life
She doesn't get ruffled
She's patient and kind
She accepts and includes everyone
so everyone feels relaxed around her.

If you ever want to head to Laramie WY to a horse sale - this would be the one to go to. It's a lot of fun and a lot of beautiful animals.

I am super proud of my family

They are carrying on a tradition that started a lot of years ago when Chip's Grand Dad owned Blue Valentine - He was a blue Roan from Joe Hancock and the genetics that are in these horses are hard to beat.

PS There is a really really cool blog hop starting today... Your Favorite Block hosted by Creatin in the Sticks!

Go check out all the cool ones - and don't forget to come here Friday for Mine!! as well as Finished or Not Finished Friday!

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Tom said...

...I just got back from visiting some Amish friends and some of them go to horse auction every week.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I have to admit, I only admire horses from a distance. There is a big county fair near me that features plenty of them. I was at a large art show yesterday, and a very excellent potter says she works so hard and sells her stuff in order to support her show horse. She said the weekend sale made her breathe a lot easier. Wonderful horses.

Kim Carberry said...

Oh wow! What a fantastic family business! I used to go to horse sales with my dad when I was a child and loved it. It was always so exciting. x

Nancy said...

I was anticipating you would tell us you took one or two of the horses/colts home with you. I love horses though I don't know a whole lot about them, but I was hoping that colt in the first photo would become yours by the end of the post.

Cheryl said...

Oh wow! What an event. Love that it is a family setup, through and through. I've been to livestock sales, but it all happens so fast, I'd be totally lost in the bidding, if I ever tried. #MMBC

Kate said...

That looks like a whole lot of work! You got some great photos. Horses are so majestic and fun to watch. However, I'm so allergic to them that I'm sick for days after exposure, so I keep my distance.