Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Mystery A9 - LONE RIDER - Clue #3

Mystery A9 – Lone Rider

Clue 3
This is the easiest clue of the whole mystery!!
Are you ready?
You need to cut 80 - 4 ½ inch Light Squares.
Again – you can go totally scrappy –
Or use Yardage:
For Yardage
Cut 9 Wof Strips 4 ½ inches wide.
Subcut into 80 – 4 ½ inch Squares

Catch up on everything else  and enjoy your week!!

Here is the PDF Link
Lone Rider Clue #3 PDF

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Caroline said...

How many clues will there be? I am scheduled for surgery next week, and will be out of the office for several weeks, and want to make sure I don't miss any?