Monday, September 30, 2019

WINNERS!!! and.... dreamin' of the Ocean

That was so fun to read about ironing... I sorta thought I might get some snarky answers - but you all... I learned a lot about how we all think, and how we organize our quilting days!! LOOOVE it!!

So Iron EZ offered two free bottle holders to my readers and the winners are.....

Preeti of

and Beth - Beth doesn't blog but she was so excited... she never wins anything... so we helped change her luck!!

Thanks Quilters!!
and for those of you who didn't win - you can still purchase one with a 15% off Discount

Use code AQ15off at

And because I have you...
Ocean photos....

I absolutely LOVE where I live, and wouldn't trade it for anything. But I sure love it when we get a chance to see the ocean. 

I feel like I should be gearing up and heading out to fish on these boats... I would totally love that!
and then come home and make fresh clam chowder... oh ya!

and you know - the drama of Black and White - still one of my favorites

I found a sand dollar!
It was pretty whole, but I left it there
The picture took up less space in my bag ;-)

See you Wednesday for LONE RIDER Clue #5

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Kate said...

The ocean is such a nice place to visit, but having lived in the Gulf for 8 years, being close brings a lot of humidity. I'll take the dryer summers of Oklahoma. Very nice photos.