Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A mini Quilt show - all quilted by Liz

Liz is a Gammill rep and a CS 4.0 Certified Trainer - and she is awesome. She had all her customer quilts finished and gladly took a LOT of Quilts of Valor to quilt for us!!!  I could hardly keep up with making the backings for as fast as she quilted these!!  

So grab a cup of hot chocolate - or a Dr Pepper ( you know MY choice!) and enjoy... theres some eye candy here!!

This one is made by Miracles in denver - Under the care of Jess V... Jess also teaches classes at the wooden spool in denver...

I am cheating - all of these previous quilts were made by the Miracles group in Denver. They have been so helpful in our Quilt of Valor endeavor, and have learned a new skill as well!!

So this Double Ring was made and quilted by Liz - pretty cool huh?

The next two quilts are made by Tamera over at TameraQuilts.blogspot.com

 This Strip Twist quilt was made by Mary M - of my Greeley Guild.

Heres a close up of the quilting.  I loved these plaids - so yummy!!

This quilt was made by Agnes K  - her daughters Sandy and Karen are another QOV team that is awesome!! Its all in the family!!

And the last two tops for today are made by tamera as well

At the end of the month all of these will go to our QOV Sew Day and I will beg the Binding Bunch to dig in and bind, and I will bring chocolate to ward off the tiredness ;-)


Nancy said...

What a collection of beautiful quilts. Nice job, everyone!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

It warms my heart to see so many lovely quilts and to know that they will be going to deserving soldiers. I only wish I was close enough to join you in the binding party. So many generous hearts ands hands working together to thank our boys for their service and sacrifice.