Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quilters Accountability Week 19

Whoopee!!! I finally accomplished something!! I finished the blocks in Step #5!!! Every last one of them, and there were like 400, thousand batrillion pieces!!!
So now it is on to Step 6!!!
I also finished quilting a Quilt of Valor. This beautiful String quilt was made by none other than the most famous QOV string piecer - Al Lind!

Goals for Next Week
1. Finish Step 6 of Carolina Christmas.
2. Start a set of 24 String blocks with Yellow Centers.
This is for the Heartstrings challenge. Our April May challenge was to use Yellow and blue in string blocks - and I am such a procrastinator( okay not really) that I am just now getting to it!
If you want to see what others have done for Quilters Accountanility head over to
Bari's You are welcome to join in too. Any time .....


Lori said...

I really want to make that Quilt of a bagillion pieces!!!

I luv your colors!!

Anonymous said...

I love your Carolina Christmas! I wondered what other color you were going to use. That is going to be one cool quilt! LOL. Congratulations on getting this far! Wow, it sure does have a gazillion pieces - that is why I haven't even started it yet!

I adore the string quilt. Beautiful colors and work!

I don't even have enough yellow in my stash for a yellow and blue string quilt. But my guild is having a string retreat this weekend (and believe it or not I am helping teach folks to make them!). I will be getting some stringing done this week! Woo hoo!

Great job, Alycia! Can't wait to see what you have accomplished next week.

heather said...

"400, thousand batrillion pieces!!!" might be a conservative estimate.

Quilter Kathy said...

Love the blocks! They look a little like mine...they could be sister quilts! I have my one set of blocks sewn together and ready to quilt.

Jan said...

Love the colors in your blocks! I just bought some lime green and black/white Fat Quarters---now think I should add some pink to the mix! Thanks for the idea!

Vivian said...

O.k. some of Bonnie's quilts do have a lot of pieces but you just know that's going to be a gorgeous quilt when it's done!

Like you said on my blog, keeping it light, keeps it moving. Beautiful work and kudos for the commitment to QOV.

Amy said...

actually Alycia----it was more like a baquadrillion pieces!!!!! ;0)
Can't wait to see it get closer to a top---the colors are so FUN!!!!