Monday, August 25, 2008

LCC Quilter Audry

Well she is at it some more! She has gone to town on the sewing. The two quilts on the left were made by her. Our lap version of the turning twenty, and another Not so Top Secret Quilt.
She is having so much fun at this that she is recruiting others! At the faid she met a quilter - Laurel, and brought her up to our sew day. The quilt on the right was made by Laurel. Not a bad accomplishment!
We had another sew day last week and BAM - there were a lot of tops. I am still trying to get the backs with them and get them onto all my lists, and get the pictures so I can show you. So be on the look out for more from Audry!
Have a quilty day! I have some really cool pictures in my camera - if I get them downloaded I can tell you where I went this weekend......

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