Friday, August 22, 2008

Pillowcase Progress

Look at all these cool pillowcases that are ready for quilts. And - well I have the quilts for them. So will be loading the quilts into the pillowcases for a while!
Lets See - the Right pillowcases came from California - from Robin M and she sent thos cute blocks too. they are 8 inches and *surprise* I was in the middle of sewing a quilt with 8 inch blocks - so these are going in it!!!
The ones in the center ( or at least it is center on my screen) are From Jan in So Colorado. She doesn't know this - but we may come visit her when she least expects it! We haven't explored much down that way....

The individual picture is because I LOVE cowboy fabrics - and I have not seen this one. So I took a close up of it - for me ( giggle)

These pillowcases on the left came from Laura in Georgia . She is in my heartstrings quilt group too - aren't they the greatest. So - it looks like I have a lot of loading up to do! Keeps me out of trouble right?
Have a great one!!


Mary Johnson said...

The pillowcases look great - do you have a count of how many of those you've received and how many you still need?

Lori said...

Happy Stuffing!!!