Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happenings at the house

You know - rumor has it that school starts here in about 2 weeks. This is a shame... a horrible horrible thing to have happen to my kids... so we are packing everything else that we didn't get done into the last 2 weeks... and most of that takes my effort (smile).
And of course they are doing construction on the highway, and my drive goes to the highway, so we are becoming real familiar with the flaggers, steamroller drivers, and construction dudes.

So, we went fishing. My husband got this boat way back in college and his dad had it up in their barn. It is now at our house and the boys fixed it up and painted it some. So we had to go test it at the lake. It was a blast. Only 3 can ride in a time, so we took a little tent and two of us fished from shore while the other 3 went in the boat. Surprisingly no one fell in the water. They came close, but got lucky. No fish - but lots of fun.
We have been riding all over the place. Of course I forgot my camera for that. But it was fun. We really don't have trail riding horses, yet we went trail riding (somewhat) anyways. We planted some trees over on the East side, and we went to check on them. 4 of them are really growing. And two fences need mending. So we did that too.
We managed to get to the Fresno Zoo when we went out for my uncles wedding. My mom, brother , nephew , my three boys and myself, went. We had a good time. My three are hugging the elephant. Then all of them got to try to touch stingrays. The barbs on the stingers had been removed, and the water smelled pretty salty ( ugh). I have a timer on my camera so tried to get a timed shot of all of us, and a zoo visitor ( bless his heart) asked if we would like him to take it. Good thing he did - all my timed ones have really pretty leaved in front on someone EACH time! Go figure!
And then of course was the wedding. My uncle and his new wife said I Do. And then they danced the night away to Elvis, Fats Domino, Chubby Checkers, and more . My sons stole the camera and they got some of the best pictures of people. Kind of Candid ones too... I may have to delete a few of them.
And last but not least - my oldest has no more braces. He is So excited... and smiles all the time now. Of course I think it makes him look way too old! But the good news is they are off!


Have a good one! It is a little cooler here so far - supposed to me in the double digits rather than triple - so a good time to go work in the garden!

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Gina said...

What a great time you've had

Love and hugs Gina xxx