Friday, August 29, 2008

From my Heartstrings Group

This one was made by the group and quilted by Anne in CANADA! This is the first Foreign ( if you call Canada foreign) country!! Isn't that cool. My kids were way impressed... boy can you tell I have been hanging out with *gulp* teenagers!!!

I really like the way that the string quilts come together. They are surprising in the way that the create designs!


The next one was peiced by Barbara in Fl and quilted by Mary. ( ) We are both pretty sure it is also a Dissappearing 9 Patch.


The next one is called a wonky rails. Mary made the pattern up and it is on her website as well - so if you are interested in making one... you can!


If you want more info on the Heartstrings group - they are awesome! Go to


Can you tell I am trying to entice you with all this eye candy to get involved and make a Quilt of Valor? I really believe in this project and am always impressed with those who choose to get involved!

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Ann said...

They all look great! I love seeing the endless variations that eveyone is making. And you are doing such a wonderful job of organizing and cheerleading!