Thursday, August 14, 2008

Its Tracie Day

These two Great Quilts came from Tracie in OH. She is very tied to military - her Husband is Retired Navy and her son is currently in the military.

Both of these are made with some really cool fabrics! I liked them hanging in my living room/kitchen!
I thought I would give you some close ups of the quilting. In the Strippie quilt she quilted something different in each row - It is REALLY neat. On the other one - well - you can see for yourself. They are wonderful!
Today is basically our last day to hang out before school starts. We will be busy fri-sun with relatives, so today we woke up and watched Nim's Island. It is a pretty neat movie - my kind of action.
I am also working on my next quilt... It's turning out pretty good so far~
Have a Quilty Day!


marilyn said...

97 quilts! You are almost to 100! Hooray. Only 300 more to go =)

Lori said...

Happy Tracie Day ! A gold star for Tracie!!!

Jackie Russell said...

I love stopping by to view these quilts!